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The fourth Ævangelist album is revealed


Ævangelist ‘Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss’ LP / CD / Digital to be released by 20 Buck Spin. CD / Digital October 9th (October 23rd Europe), LP in December or so.…/43055620-aevangelist-enthrall-t…


1. Arcanæ Manifestia
2. Cloister Of The Temple Of Death
3. Gatekeeper’s Scroll
4. Alchemy
5. Levitating Stones
6. Emanation
7. Meditation Of Transcendental Evil *

* Meditation Of Transcendental Evil will not be included on the vinyl release, but will be as part of the included full album download.

Coronation Zine Interview


Seth Bennett of Seth Bennett Illustration conducts an in-depth interview with Ascaris and Matron Thorn, exclusively for the maiden issue of Coronation Zine.

On sale at Hell’s Headbash, or order here:…