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Interview with Invisible Oranges

It’s October 10, 2015. I’m in Oakland for California Deathfest, sitting in a hotel room at the Mariott. Heineken and Burnett’s are in good supply. Members of Antediluvian and Ritual Necromancy are talking politics with the staff of No Clean Singing and taking turns going down for cigarettes (nobody has a room key).

I’m sitting next to Matron Thorn, while we wait for Val “Ascaris” Dorr to make her way back to the room so we can conduct an interview. Deftones is playing, and Thorn tells me he’s never listened to Iron Maiden. It’s not true: Ascaris corrects him in an elevator ride we share with a couple en route to a wedding

“You said this last time and we made you listen to ‘The Trooper’”

“Oh, you’re right.”

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