Bongs vs. Joints: An Overview

Regardless of whether or not you are actually someone who smokes, you will often hear a lot of people arguing about bongs and joints and claiming that their preferred option of smoking is better. This has always been a big debate in the community, and if you happen to be unfamiliar with it and want to learn for the sake of curiosity, or if you are someone who has recently started smoking and are looking to see which is better, then you can keep on reading below. If you happen to be interested in checking out different bongs, you can simply see collection of different bongs from different reliable suppliers online or ask around in different forums for more information.

  • When it comes to the experience of smoking, if you are smoking a joint, you are losing some smoke unless you are taking really long drags. With bongs, you end up inhaling all of the smoke at once, and even if you do not do that, the smoke is usually contained in the chamber, so you do not lose any of it.
  • Since you are breathing a lot more smoke through a bong, there is less THC lost, prompting a better absorption rate in your lungs. This allows you to get stoned a lot more quickly without having to use a lot of substance. This is not exactly the case when it comes to rolling joints.
  • Making a joint is a simple setup and only requires rolling paper, substance and maybe a bit of tobacco. So, it is a quick assembly and you can personalize the size and quantity of substance in the joint based on your preferences. Plus they are small and can be used and disposed of discreetly. This is something you cannot do when it comes to bongs.
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