CBD Oil And Its Uses

CBD oil is extracted from industrial and hemp and later used in the same form for many purposes. It usually comes in a dark container to make it unable to absorb UV rays. Another way to take CBD oil is by cookies from it. There is a very simple recipe with only a few ingredients.

CBD Oil in Butter Cookies

The process starts with diluting the oil in butter or any other oil such as sunflower, olive, etc. The most basic baking ingredients are required, such as, butter, flour, eggs, icing sugar and, of course, CBD oil. Take a normal sized container and add one egg and sugar in it. Mix these until the mixture is white in color. Take butter out of the fridge so that it softens by the time you’re done with the whisking. Take 250 grams of flour and add it to the mixture. Now knead this mixture with your hands and keep on kneading until it has a wet sand texture. Now add butter and oil and knead the mixture with your hands until it is smooth and consistent. Let it rest in the refrigerator for a while. This is done so that it gains even more consistency. Take it out after an hour and stretch it on a flat surface before putting some flour there. Roll out the mixture on the surface. You can either cut plain shapes or be creative and use molds. After the cookies have been cut out, it’s time to bake them. Sativida blog recommends putting milk on the cookies with a brush to make them even brighter. Put them in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. You have some delicious cookies ready now that also have a huge number of healing properties.

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