How Facebook Makes Marketing Successful: The Tools Used

Facebook has a variety of tools to help you market your products. Facebook can be said to be one of the world’s greatest innovation after the steam engine.  The way in which it has slowly and steadily made itself such a huge chunk of our lives and a very necessary one is overwhelming to be honest. It has changed the dynamics of the world and it is not an understatement. Facebook in every way facilitates its clients. And its clients are not the users; the clients are the marketing agencies and organizations. Facebook’s selling point is the huge amount of users it has.

Facebook also owns instagram, another popular photo sharing social platform which itself has a tremendous amount of users. So if you run a Facebook advertising campaign, you are running it across Facebook itself, on Instagram, Messenger and other mobile apps and networks. You can promote your business by facebook ads, which pop up time and now again on users news feed. It selects users based on their interactions. Then there are facebook pages and online groups and communities. These pages can be used to interact with a specific and open or closed audience and they can be promoted as well. Then there is instagram. Insta is used to share photos and is owned by facebook.

It is a better platform for some of the things like clothes and accessories. Facebook can be better for services. But never the less, the marketing can be done on both the platforms simultaneously. It all depends on your audience. Sometimes the marketing is integrated as well. For instance, Insta can be used to market a facebook page and clicking that add will redirect the user to the page. Then there is facebook’s audience network which is basically a separate tool to showcase ads on other websites the audience may use.

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