Benighted in Sodom

“Featuring its own style and individualism Benighted In Sodom creates dense atmospheric musical canvases. It broadens the frames of the genre on the one hand not rejecting themes of pain, suffering and suicide and on the other hand introducing novel themes… Hate and Despair is the essence of the picture of the world enclosed into magnetic music of Benighted In Sodom.”
BadMoodMan Music


“Not unlike a more centered take on the post-industrial animist folkways of the Jewelled Antler Collective, who created similar organic fantasy within the seething metropolis of San Francisco. Eitarnora have constructed their own transcendent mythology and musical pathworking which inspire both themselves and the listener along the crooked ways to ones own astral temple, where a certain natural harmony can be realized, no matter what your surroundings may be.”
Clay Ruby


Experimental death metal from Chicago with Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet.  In the vein of Gorguts, Atheist, and Spawn of Possession.


Suncarcass is a noise/ambient/performance art/ritual ambient/avant garde/harsh noise wall project of Ascaris.


“Crawling, lurching riffs, blood-curdling screams, and a black drone sensibility collide to create the mammoth sound on this album, which is by far my favorite Venowl recording this far. It really is quite amazing.”
Harold Niver, Hammer Smashed Sound



Debemur Morti (France)

20 Buck Spin (United States)

I, Voidhanger (Italy)

Aurora Australis (Australia)

Blood Harvest (Sweden)

Demonhood Productions (Norway)

Lakedeer Recordings (United States)