Shadow of the Horns: Life-changing metal albums

Ævangelist – “Gatekeeper’s Scroll”

Ævangelist claim to be from Illinois and Oregon, but I suspect they might have ripped through the fabric of space and time and were sent here from a parallel demon dimension. How else do you account for the chaotic hellscape of “Gatekeeper’s Scroll”? This is thrilling, terrifying stuff that doesn’t entirely make sense on a first listen, but compels all the same. Ævangelist are steeped in a harrowingly intense and artful style of blackened death metal that fits somewhere along a plane between French visionaries Blut Aus Nord and Canadian death-maticians Gorguts. Here, it’s not so much time signatures that are being rendered into unpredictable shapes so much as the sound of the song itself. It’s rife with blasts of raucous death metal, but surrounded by storms of ambient sound, with creepy bell sounds that were seemingly plucked from a horror film. This is sheer audio terror, and I love all six minutes and 30 seconds of it.

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