The 4 Best Fugees Songs

I have talked before about how 90s was a weird era for music of all genres; not just rock, or metal, but genres like hip-hop, as well as pop went through a rather transitional phase, and for that moment, it was hard to imagine what the band or the musician would be doing with their next big release.

In the midst of all the musical chaos that was going on, one band that heated up things for the hip-hop genre was The Fugees. A band who contained elements of hip-hop, soul, as well as Caribbean and reggae; many people thought that it would be difficult for them to sustain themselves, and create a name, but the band defied the odds, and rose to fame in the early 90s.

From that point on, the band has released some amazing singles, as well as some groundbreaking albums that people need to know about. All the band is no longer active today; their members Pras, Lauryn Hill, and Wclef Jean went on to become famous solo musicians, and had illustrious careers with a lot of success.

Today, we look at some of the best songs the super group released as a band together rather than their solo performances.

Nappy Heads

When I first checked out the name of the song, I was actually taken aback; I honestly did not know what to expect from the song to be honest. I thought it would be something like the cartoon rave that was taking the 90s by the storm. However, I am glad that the situation was a lot different than what I perceived.

Nappy Heads is one of the best Fugees song I have heard; and despite the poor sales, it still remains my favourite from the band’s diverse ensemble.

Some Seek Stardom

It was pretty evident that Lauryn Hill was a vocalist destined for greatness thanks to her brilliant, honey-dipped voice. However, it further got solidified when the band released Some Seek Stardom in which Hill gave a career defining performance. The song is about focusing on the social responsibility along with some other factors like hypocrisy, as well as responsibility that is all packed inside a cleverly written narrative that this song is.

Ready or Not

Many people have gone on the record and stated that Ready or Not by the band is one of the best singles they have ever released; possibly the best work they have done. Despite the song becoming a part of a copyright crossover, it remains to be one of the best songs that Fugees have ever released.


If you want to hear a song that beautifully manages to highlight the core strengths of all the bands’ members, then the Zealots is one of the finest examples. As a matter of fact, many compare its greatness with the likes of Ready or Not, as well as Some Seek Stardom, but Zealots as a song managed to etch its own legacy in the greatest of their career.

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