The Best Songs from A Tribe Called Quest

There is no denying that the 80s were known for a lot of things; some really weird fashion sense aside, the decade was a huge leap forward for the music as well. We got bands such as Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, and some other great bands in the rock genre, but the decade was great for the music as an entirety. It might be hard to understand, but in order to prove that, I am just going to talk about A Tribe Called Quest; one of the finest hip-hop bands that managed to rack up massive success, and released some of the finest songs that people are still singing today.

Comprised of members like Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White, Phife Dawg, the band focused on genres like hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, as well as Jazz rap; they also managed to be a lot successful in the era where it seemed a lot difficult to survive for the emerging artists. The good thing is that they survived, and did a great job at that.

Below are some of the best singles from the band that you should all know about, and definitely check them out.

After Hours

Many music aficionados have gone on the record to talk about how After Hours was one of the songs that managed to solidify band’s legacy as one of the best groups out there. As someone who does not understand rap as much, it was actually a lot surprising for me when I started falling in love with this song. I am not sure what was so special, the simple yet complex style of delivery, or the overall raw factor that the band had in their music. It just sounded too good to my ears, and still does after so many years.


Another great song that I must include on the list is Excursions, not a great song, as a matter of fact, it is one of the best from the band. Excursions was the song that determined that the band means business and are there to make the most out of the situation they are in, and release a song that will be revered throughout the music history.

Check the Rhime

Check the Rhime by A Tribe Called Quest is a song that could be best described as one of the most formative songs by A Quest Called Tribe, the song is everything a hip-hop fan would want at that time, and not just that, a song that would make everyone enjoy.


Scenario was the one song that graciously allowed A Tribe Called Quest to connect with all the Leaders of the New School; the song felt a lot different as compared to some of the other Quest classics, but it was different for the good, as there were so many things coming into play. Needless to say, A Tribe Called Quest managed to solidify themselves as a band who proved that they are not afraid of the change.

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