Undoing Baby Damage

There is something called a mommy makeover that you can get done to help you get back to the weight and body shape you were at before you started having children and breastfeeding. However, to be eligible for the mommy makeover surgery, you ideally have to be done with having children and with nursing children. The minimum time required will be 3 months after you have stopped breastfeeding and no longer plan to have any future kids. This is because your body keeps experiencing change a little after the pregnancy is over and you need to wait for your breasts and the rest of your body to stabilize in their sizes and shapes before the mommy makeover can be done.

If you get pregnant again or begin breastfeeding again after you get the mommy makeover, the entire surgery can become undone and the entire procedure will have been useless. This is why this makeover is for mothers who have completed their families and now want to get back to looking how they did before they had a child. It is also necessary to keep a certain weight limit after you get the surgery. This is a surgery that will require you to stay within a certain weight range. So losing too much weight or gaining too much weight after the surgery can affect the results. As with weight maintenance before childbirth, a steady diet and exercise are necessary to maintain your body as the mommy makeover only brings you to a certain point after which you maintain it. If you are interested in the procedure, you can contact a doctor that has been achieving great success with mommy makeover procedures for Pretoria patients and is open to more mothers coming back to get their bodies to look how they did before pregnancies.

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