US Politicians Who Are Also Musicians

The statement that says that you have to be an outcast to be a good musician is something that many people have been talking about for years now. However, it is important to know that the truth is completely different. You do not need to be an outcast to be a musician, and this further gets proven by the fact that the US politics has a lot of musicians as well. Although their main roles are that of politicians, it does not hurt to have a side hobby, or even a band for that matters.

This all started when Bill Clinton decided to flex his skills on the saxophone in 1992, and got everyone wondering if we have more musicians who are also the part of the big game. Keeping that in mind, we did some digging, and turns out that there is more than meets the eye.

The article focuses on some of the US politicians who are also musicians.

John Kerry

Looking at John Kerry, it would be hard to imagine that the classy guy is a musician on the side as well, but that is how the situation is. Kerry is known for playing in the band called The Electras; they formed in the 60’s, and no, if you are wondering whether they were serious or not, they even released an album. As far as John Kerry’s role in the band, he was the bassist.

Rob Quist

When you look at Rob Quist, you think of a candidate for Montana’s congressional seat. However, what you do not know about the man is that he is also known for playing guitar as well as a banjo for a band called Mission Mountain Wood Band during the 71 era. The band later found success in 73 when they decided to move to New York, and are known for opening for artists such as the Allman Brothers Band, Bonnie Raitt, and Heart. Sadly, soon after Quist left the band, all of the band members passed away in a plane crash except Terry Robinson, and they did reunite once again in the 90’s in order to release two more albums.

John Hall

For those who do not know, John Hall is the former representative for New York’s 19th congressional district. Now the interesting part here is that he has enjoyed more success than anyone else has on this list. Why? Well, Hall was responsible for writing singles that ended up charting the Billboards, and for all the good reasons. Hall wrote songs like Dance With Me, as well as Still The One, and he was a part of a band called Orleans; they were formed in the era of 72. Even though Hall left the group after 5 years because of creative differences, you can still find him on YouTube, showcasing is famous soft-rock style of music that reminds you bands like Fleetwood Mac, and artists like Jackson Browne.

Needless to say, he was a great musician who could have had a great solo career as well.

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