Why Your Garage Door Won’t Work

Regardless of how safe your neighborhood might be, it still risky to keep your car parked outside, especially during the night, which is mainly why garages exist; to protect your cars and keep them safe indoors away from any thieves, animals and other possible dangers. Garage doors, like anything else, also tend to run into problems, and if your garage door has not been working properly, it is likely that it has one of the following problems.

  • If the garage door will not open, then there is a likelihood that your transmitter needs new batteries. The transmitter battery in your car might need to be replaced, or the one in the garage door depending on which of the two is not responding.
  • If your garage door opens, but refuses to close or stops closing after going halfway, there is likely a problem with the photo eyes. If your photo eyes are not clean, then gently clean them up so that the light beam can travel properly, and if it happens to be clean, then check the alignment of the photo eyes, you want them to be in the same angle as each other.
  • If the track is misaligned, as in there being visible gaps between the rail and roller, then it is an alignment issue and this requires professional attention since it can be dangerous. If you need help troubleshooting this problem, the experts at Spark Garage Doors can assist you.
  • If your garage door will not open or is struggling to open, then you might have a problem with a damaged or broken torsion string. If you hear a loud bang in your garage, then that is the sound of the torsion spring breaking. This too can be a dangerous situation that should only be handled by professionals.
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